Case Study

Most of my clients who are new to massage are amazed at the relief a one hour massage brings them.  A lot of people have chronic muscle tension due to injuries, demands of the workplace, like heavy lifting or driving, or bad posture.  For example, a young woman recently came to me with frequent headaches and chronic neck pain.  She agreed to a series of 10 massages over 5 weeks.  We began to work and I noticed that her posture was slumped a bit.  She sits all day at work, so it isn’t a surprise.  With each massage, the tension lifted and she felt more at ease.  Then we began to look at how she sits.  She took a picture of herself at work and analyzed what she was doing wrong, and began to correct it with a few simple instructions.  I highly recommend a book to all my clients called “8 Steps to a Pain Free Back” by Esther Gokhale. This is a very well illustrated book that shows how people from other cultures sit and stand and sleep, as compared with Americans.  We have not been taught proper posture in our homes or schools.  The inactivity of our culture of this century is really hurting people’s backs.

At the end of the 5 weeks, there was virtually no more neck pain, the headaches had stopped and she felt wonderful for the first time in years.  It made me very grateful that I decided to pursue massage.  It is the privilege of my profession to provide wonderful relief from pain that is inexpensive and so effective.  Thank you for reading.  If you have chronic pain that you haven’t been able to solve, come in and give massage a shot.  You have nothing to lose, but your pain!



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