Raindrop Massage

Special until March 30,2012 only $75

Just wanted everyone to know how beneficial a Raindrop Therapy Massage is for your whole body.  It uses 9 essential oils that help to draw toxins out of the body.  It can be a very powerful experience.  Most of my clients love it because it allows them to release a lot of tension and feel more grounded while boosting their immune system.


This is a wonderful thing!  I always knew massage was great because of the stress release, but then to help the body align and become more healthy, well, everyone should try it!  I offer this massage at only $75 until March 30, 2012 which is way below the $120 price you see elsewhere.  I use only Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils from Young Living, which themselves are so vital to our systems’ natural defenses especially during this time of year when people begin to get colds or flu.  I really don’t believe that you have to get sick just because the weather changes.  That’s crazy.  Boost your system with a relaxing, stress releasing Raindrop Therapy.  If you have more questions, just call.  Stay well!


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