Client Testmonial

Wow! Thank you to Tracie for her testimonial below.  I am just so happy she is feeling better.  She went from about 90 degrees range of motion in this arm to 180 after this experience.  I had nothing to do with it.  I think it was miraculous! I knew the oils were powerful, but this story is compelling to say the least:

October 30, 2011

My name is Tracie Lange. I have been receiving massages at Touch of Your Life for a couple of months. I have to say that the experience has been an amazing one. A couple of years ago I injured  my shoulder. The shoulder became frozen. Since I was putting all of my attention on the injured shoulder my other shoulder became frozen due to compensating for the injured shoulder. I had gone to spas to have massages done for over a year and nothing was working. I had received a coupon for Touch of Your Life and thought why not make an appointment. What do I have to lose. I have to say that Monica is an amazing person. She has helped me out tremendously with my shoulders. She mentioned putting oil on my shoulders to loosen them. I did! To my amazement with the stretching, massage, yoga, and the oils I couldn’t believe how much of a positive change that has occurred to both shoulders. One night I was sleeping and heard a pop in the shoulder. There was no pain so when I awoke all of the tension on the injured shoulder was gone.  My whole side felt light.  It has been so long that I had forgotten how it felt to have the body feel light again. It felt great! I am a firm believer in the oils, yoga, and massage. I can only say that Monica has been a  big factor with my wellness. She gives  positive advice and is there to help you.  To anyone who has had a shoulder injury I highly recommend that you see Monica at Touch of Your Life. Plus I also recommend the Raindrop Massage. The massage is wonderful!

Best of luck to Monica!

Tracie Lange


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