How Advocare Changed My Life

I recently started a weight loss and wellness program called Advocare.  I was hesitant and skeptical in the beginning, but because I was looking to lose weight and cleanse my system, I decided to try it.  I always talk about taking personal responsibility for your health, to be proactive, to inform yourself about natural health by making better choices.  I am amazed at how many people are on some kind of drug and have something going on physically or emotionally that baffles them.  Their doctor prescribes something and that’s what they do.  Not knowing anything else, they trust unknowingly in a system that only makes them drug dependent.   There is a need for better information, a systematic way to improve your health without having to become a naturopathic doctor.  I have educated myself in natural health for over 23 years since I came out of depression, so I am very aware of the dilemma people face when health is a challenge.

Enter Advocare.  I started with the 24 Day Challenge which begins with a 10 day herbal cleanse along with simple changes in diet: no wheat, dairy or sugar…this was a big one for me.  I love bread!  With butter or jam of course.  But, when I eliminated it from my diet, I lost that sluggish feeling after a meal that made me want to grab a coffee to wake myself up.  So, after the 10 days, the weight started to come off.  I only want to lose 10 pounds, so I found that within a two weeks or so, I was down 5.  It was easy. I also noticed more muscle and less fat around the waist, arms and legs.  My size 8 jeans felt big and I needed a belt.  Mostly, I had trimmed off the fat and had lots of energy.

The Advocare nutrition system makes it very simple to follow.  I began to feel more at ease emotionally and more purposeful.  I felt that I was on a track of physical and emotional health that I had been missing, because I wasn’t informed on what my deficiencies were.  I didn’t realize that emotional states like depression and anxiety can be caused by a lack of B vitamins, for instance.  So, personally it made sense to me.  I know I am getting better nutrition and am feeling it.  I eat smaller, more frequent meals, and take the meal replacements too when I don’t have time to make something.  In spite of eating more, I have kept off the weight. Muscle is building, inches are disappearing, because I feel more like exercising.  In addition to yoga stretching, which I do daily, I am now getting the cardiovascular work out I was lacking and I feel energy all day.  I know it is obvious, but you don’t realize it until it becomes an experience.

If you are looking to lose weight and stay healthy, this program could work for you.  The before and after pictures tell the stories of transformative experiences people begin to have because of the change in their health. It is inspiring.  Because no matter what your body looks like, its how you feel about yourself that matters.  When you tie your self-esteem to your body, you are doomed.  Emotional health is most important to me, because if I am happy, I can do anything!  I am inspired and passionate about life.

The nutrition system in Advocare is based upon and backed by solid medical research.  These are supplements we need and are probably not getting.  Common sense and simple makes it work. This is a life-changing system and if you want to know more, contact me.  I am now a distributor for Advocare and proud to help others find how easy natural health can be.  Most of all, the power it gives me knowing I am in charge of my health and well-being gives me the desire to help others do the same.


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