Take charge of your health

Do you know the main reason people don’t exercise? They don’t have time.  So, this new 24 minute workout from Advocare is just the thing.  You can do it in the comfort of your home and start feeling good again.  Its only 24 minutes! And you choose the level that fits you.

I know because I did it.  After losing 13 pounds and feeling more energized by the Advocare nutrition system, I really felt different.  I actually wanted to exercise.  I am telling all my clients because most people feel that the pain they have in the back, neck and shoulders is something they will always have.  But when you make a choice to get healthy, by exercising, eating better, getting massage and putting much needed nutrition into your body, your life changes.  Your attitude changes, pain and depression eases and you feel hopeful again.  Why does it take a crisis for this to happen?  Because most people don’t like taking care of themselves.

This is changing for many of us now, I have learned that when I put my health first, I can help others and that makes me feel great.  It is the reason I went into natural health to begin with…to help you get healthy, live less stressed and learn how to take better care of yourself.  It all becomes easy when you have a systematic program to follow. I will help you to figure it out and will coach you to wellness.  This is my passion and I am very excited about the results I am getting and the results of the people who I share it with.

Call to find out how you can start losing inches, pounds and eating a healthy, conscious diet of good food and nutrition.  Your kids will thank you because you will be happier.  Go to touchofyourlife.com and  Click on the 24 Day Challenge button on the right side column.  This will take you to my Advocare website where you can order the workout video for $29.95.  Start taking charge of your health today!


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