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Marconics ‘No-Touch’ Energy Healing

After my recent move, I began seeking out more energy work being offered on the East Coast, and was led to this amazing new energy work that’s a game changer for me.  It’s called Marconics “No-touch” Energy Healing.  The good news is, even my Wisconsin clients can receive this via distance, just like my Mind/Body Healing energy work which releases beliefs from the subconscious.

The ‘No-Touch’ Healing Protocol is the Evolution of Energy Healing, and can be performed on clients as an on-going therapy. This is done either in person or distance, fully clothed.   (phone or Skype). Call to schedule: 603-486-8770. I have added it to my menu of services for only $85 as an introductory price.

What is it?  Marconics Energy raises the client’s vibrational frequency by running Marconic Energy – encoded with Light information – through selected points on the body’s own Axiatonal grid, triggering profound spontaneous healing.

Why would I want it?  The goal of a ‘No-Touch’ session is to raise your frequency so high that you have an opportunity to connect to your 8th Chakra aspect of Higher Self.  You get in touch with that “you” that spiritual seekers have been trying to contact and maintain for years by performing many practices.

I will no longer be practicing Reiki as a result.  This goes far beyond the frequencies of Reiki healing.   It assists with your personal spiritual evolution and paves the way for greater understanding of your life’s purpose and to raise your vibrational frequency.

I personally found it very uplifting, all my fear vanished and I was able to access knowledge and information about myself and my life that was previously mysterious to me.  Granted, I have been on the path for 25 years, but this is a short cut, in my opinion, to those states of harmony and joy that we often think eludes us. It changed me.

However, once you are removed from the source of this energy your vibrational frequency will gradually return to your ‘normal’, according to your Spiritual evolution and social environment. The healings may be sustained, but the higher vibrational frequency that is required to SHIFT into the Higher Dimensions will not. Rather like when you go away on retreat and achieve your Zen, but then have to return to your normal daily life with all its demands and pressures.

My experience is that the demands become manageable and I feel able to fulfill them with ease and grace.

Call to find out more to see if its a fit for you, or to schedule:  603-486-8770 or email me at! I so look forward to serving you.

Monica Dubay, LMT


Release Emotional Blocks in 6 Simple Steps

5 Reasons to Receive Mind/Body Healing

Do you feel you can’t get beyond a stuck place in your life?
Do you feel you repeat patterns emotionally?
Would you like to remove blocks to abundance and freedom of mind?
Are you overly stressed and can’t calm down and feel more grounded?
Do you want to become free of fear and anxiety?

Mind/body Healing sessions can help with any stuck pattern or issue.

Mind/Body Healing sessions are over the phone or Skype.  This allows you to stay in the comfort of your own home and receive the healing you need.

I have been doing Mind/Body Healing for over 25 years.  I use a simple 6 step process to release subconscious beliefs that keep you stuck or bound to the past.  The process can easily be learned and practiced and many people have benefited and found how simple it is.

You probably already know that the mind is powerful and hears everything you tell yourself.  The subconscious patterns keep playing until you decide you’ve had enough.

You can be healed of the past when you want it.

Here’s what my clients are saying: 

“Monica, you saved my marriage and helped me find peace. I had an enemy at work and now after working with you she is a dear friend”, SD

“This process is simple and I feel so different, I know its working because I feel a lot more grounded and at peace. My heart has opened up where it had been blocked for years”. JS

” I feel a great shift already after one 30 minute session!” KD

“Monica is a light and has helped me in my healing in more ways than I can imagine.  If you have not been to see Monica, I HIGHLY suggest that you do”. Joe Menard

“Monica Dubay has greatly changed my life for the better since I started seeing her. I have released enormous amounts of guilt, sadness, worry, fear, anger…because of my sessions with her. I have carried these emotions/symptoms with me since my first memory at age 4. I am now 44, I have been in psychotherapy on and off since I was 15. Monica has been more beneficial to me in the short time I have been seeing her than all the years I have spent in therapy. Monica is reliable, professional, and makes me feel very welcome at all of our sessions. I look forward to seeing her every time and always leave feeling like I have conquered yet another problem. Monica has also introduced me to A Course in Miracles. This has also changed my life. I truly feel like a better person emotionally and spiritually because of these lessons. I can’t say enough good things about her personally and professionally. I have recommended her to others and will continue to do so. I thank God for putting Monica in my life.” Deanne Rohde

How it works:

We look at the pattern, release the event that caused it, and the beliefs you came to as a result.  These beliefs can be undone in a moment of healing if you decide you want to let them go.

After the healing session, you will be released from the painful events of your past and then you will discover a new way to live without that emotional pattern.

Guaranteed:  You will feel lighter, more at ease and released of the past event.  You will know that something changed because your relationship with yourself and others change as well.

To find out more you can email me at

How to schedule:

Sessions are $65 for 30 minutes, $95 for 60 minutes.  You can pay by credit card or Paypal below.  Give me your phone or Skype contact information.  To set it up:  You can also call me at 603-486-8770.  Or email me at: I am looking forward to assisting you!



Here’s to being free from pain in all its forms, physical, emotional and mental!


Now located in New Hampshire’s Seacoast

I am delighted to be offering my services at the Arsenault Family Chiropractic. 29 Lafayette Rd., in North Hampton, NH! My practice includes therapeutic massage, CranioSacral Therapy, Somato Emotional Release, Reiki and Mind/Body Healing. I am thrilled to be located in the Seacoast area. I am only 10 minutes from Newburyport, MA and 15 minutes to Portsmouth and Kittery, Maine.

My focus is still on healing chronic pain, muscle tension, lymphatic disorders, and I treat children with sensory processing disorder, anxiety, ADD and ADHD. My CranioSacral training includes Somato Emotional Release which heals trauma and emotional blocks that cause discomfort physically and emotionally.

Please call for an appointment: 603-486-8770 or to discuss your or your child’s condition.

Thank you,
Monica Dubay, LMT

New Office

I am delighted to be offering my services at the Arsenault Family Chiropractic. 29 Lafayette Rd., in North Hampton, NH! My practice includes therapeutic massage, CranioSacral Therapy, Somato Emotional Release, Reiki and Mind/Body Healing. I am thrilled to be located in the Seacoast area. I am only 20 minutes from Newburyport, MA and 15 minutes to Portsmouth and Kittery, Maine.

My focus is still healing chronic pain, tension, sensory processing disorder, anxiety, ADD, lymphatic drainage, and many more conditions. I have also begun to include Somato Emotional Release which heals trauma and emotional blocks.

I look forward to seeing you there. To make an appointment, please call me directly at 603-486-8770.

Thank you,

Frequent Urination Problem Healed Naturally

A client recently came in with a common problem for males in their 50s and it was the frequent need to urinate in the middle of the night causing a disrupted sleep. This is not a problem people like to talk about obviously, but luckily, my client did tell me and was able to come in for two treatments.  CranioSacral Therapy has once again done the trick. This  treatment that is performed fully clothed and is deeply relaxing to the central nervous system can be very effective for this problem.   He had had a car accident and was also having some pain in the groin.  The deep muscle of the pelvic floor is called the psoas muscle.  Many therapists are trained to treat this muscle.  I was so grateful that CranioSacral Therapy is so effective.  He stated that he was pain free for the first time in two years. The pelvic floor is such an important area of the body for balance and posture.  Because we grow up sitting in chairs instead of on the floor like Asian cultures, Westerners tend to have underused and tighter psoas muscles.  It is an important muscle that needs attention more often than not.

CranioSacral Therapy and Autism

This video is a wonderful testimonial to the power of CranioSacral Therapy in addressing children with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). Please watch if you know of anyone with a child with autism or SPD.    The ADD, ADHD diagnoses of hypersensitivities in children  can also be alleviated using CST treatments.  How?  An overall relaxation of the nervous system and increase in the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid seems to have a great effect upon children’s brain membranes.  The following article explains why.

Massage Today
July, 2007, Vol. 07, Issue 07
Autism Spectrum Disorder: How CranioSacral Therapy Can
By Tad Wanveer, LMT, CST-D; guest author for John Upledger, DO, OMM
CranioSacral Therapy (CST) has been shown to help the autistic individual find greater ease, both within
themselves and in the world around them, by decreasing structural stress and strain on their central nervous
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is estimated to affect one child in every 150 births. It’s the fastest growing developmental disability, with a diagnosis rate rising 10 to 17 percent each year. ASD is considered to be a result of biological and/or neurological disorders that affect the functioning of the brain. To date, there is no known single cause of ASD.
The CST Model of ASD
Dr. Upledger’s recent model of autism is based on his hands-on experience with autistic children and their responses to therapy. It’s supported by research at Johns Hopkins University showing “increased levels of proinflammatory cytokines, neuroglial activation and inflammatory changes” in the cerebrospinal fluid of
the autistic patients studied.1  Simply stated, ASD is partially caused by a loss of flexibility and probable inflammation of the membrane layers surrounding the brain.
This compromise can create restrictive force on the brain tissue leading to adverse strain on the internal body-regulating components of the hypothalamus, the reticular activating system and the autonomic nervous system; irritation and hypersensitivity of neurons, glial cells and neurological pathways; abnormal pressure change within the brain tissue; adverse affect on the limbic (emotional) system; over-heightened central nervous system immune response; brain tissue congestion and toxicity; and endocrine system compromise.
What is observed as typical ASD behavioral impairment in social relationships, social communication and imaginative thought might be the effects of inner chaos created by the abnormal grasp, squeeze and irritation of the membrane on the brain. Combining the extreme tension caused by an abnormally inflexible brain container with inflammation can lead to a brain confined within biomechanical and biochemical turmoil.
The CST Approach to ASD
The focus of CranioSacral Therapy is to enhance the balanced motion of:
  • The membrane layers surrounding the brain;
  • The fluid (blood and cerebrospinal fluid) moving into the cranium, out of the cranium, and throughout the brain tissue; and
  • The areas of the body that do not show normal response to the craniosacral rhythm, which might be straining the craniosacral system and the brain.
When working with an ASD individual, the initial focus often is on the cranium to locate an area that has the greatest motion response to the craniosacral rhythm. Delicate release and pumping techniques are used to create more motion in that area.
The increased motion is used as a dynamic biomechanical tool – one hand is used to continue to increase motion and direct fluid flow, while the other hand is used to encourage motion in non-moving areas. Little by little, small changes create larger changes that enhance the mobility of the brain’s container, (the
craniosacral system).
Increased balanced motion of the membrane surrounding the brain helps flush toxins and inflammation out of the brain tissue. As this occurs, it naturally can elevate biochemical processing, which increases the function of neurons and neurological pathways.

Biomat Reduces Stress

For the past three months I have been trying out the Biomat for reducing pain, stress, enhancing the immune system and overall health.  I am impressed.

I am very reluctant to offer new products to my clients until I feel sure that it is something they will benefit from. I am offering the Biomat because I feel it has sound science behind it and it provides much needed relief on a cellular level.  Everyone that has tried it has found immediate benefits, which are stated below.

If you want to know more or try one out, please call me.  608-432-1966.  More information is coming on my website and I am happy to speak with you directly about how to find out more and/or place an order.  You can try one for 24 hours by calling me and setting up an appointment to try it.  They come in several sizes and we will find the best one for you.

Here is the basic information:

What is a Biomat?BioMat

The answer is a Far Infrared Mat that you purchase and use at home.  It has the following benefits:

Reduces stress hormones including cortisol by 78% while improving the body’s functioning.  It enhances:

  • weight loss
  • better sleep
  • hormonal regulation
  • balances nervous system
  • reduces pain conditions
  • increases detoxification of cells

How does it do this?

At a high temperature, it promotes HSP = Heat Shock Protein (like “runner’s high”) and is released only after 40 minutes at highest heat.Poka-Poka-Belt

What does it do?

Releases endorphins and lymphocytes (T cells, NK cells and B cells) which means its healthy for body and emotional states like depression and anxiety as well as overall pain relief.

Can I sleep on the BioMat?

Yes, at low temperatures it will affect your core body temperature while:
● increasing cellular rejuvenation by 60 times!
● Increasing duration and quality of sleep.
● Stabilizing body temp so that you don’t get too hot/too cold.
● Reducing stress hormones.

How does it work?

It alters your core body temperature, while safely detoxifying your cells:

  • Your head stays cool…you do not heat the grey matter of the brain, and if you do the brain will not regulate hormones and you will not be able to release HSP.
  • Unlike FIR saunas, where breathing warm/hot air is not advisable for many health conditions such as respiratory and cardiovascular issues.
  • Detoxes through 7 channels and not just through the pores with sweat.
  • Increases cellular stabilization and rejuvenation.
  • Generates negative ions allowing the cells to release toxic waste.
    When toxins are present, the cells can’t take up nutrition if they are positively
    charged ions.
  • Negative ions, like being at the ocean, open the door for cells to release toxins and take up good nutrition.
  • With toxins present, cells degenerate or mutate.  With negative ionization they stabilize and then rejuvenate
  • Stabilizes and increases core body temperature.  How?
    1. Does not just warm the skin, it penetrates 6 to8 inches into the body
    2. Core body temperatures become unstable and/or too low and many live in some state of hypothermia…this makes the body host to all types of pathogens
    3. Even if pathogens already exist, thermotherapy with Far Infrared will kill those pathogens while still regenerating healthy cells.

More wonderful health benefits:

Consistent use of the BioMat will not only elevate core body temperature therapeutically in the short term, but it will reestablish a new higher and optimal core body temperature while:

  • improving immunity
  • warding off autoimmune issues
  • detoxifying cells, reducing pathogens

What temperature makes this happen?

  • The Magic Number: 70 degrees celsius or 158 degrees fahrenheit.
    At this temperature, it will reduce production of diseases

Why Amethyst Crystals?
● Besides the metaphysical properties of Amethyst as the most healing and calming of crystals…it has a scientific basis as well.

Is it safe?

It’s safe! There is no danger to the healthy cell.  The good news is that it is FDA approved and ready for use!

Call to try one out at my office.  608-432-1966.  Order at

Wellness is my passion and I am truly happy to find something that everyone can use.  Kids and animals love it too!