Cranio Sacral Therapy works with the spinal fluid within the central nervous system to release deep restrictions caused by accidents, trauma and poor posture. Permanently addresses and relieves chronic pain conditions such as  migraines,  neck and back pain, TMJ syndrome, and fibromyalgia.

Very effective for ADD, ADHD, PTSD and Sensory Processing Disorder.  During treatment,  a very deep relaxation allows  emotional releases to occur simultaneously.  Performed fully clothed.  Call for pricing: 603-486-8770.

Marconics “No-touch” Energy Healing.   The ‘No-Touch’ Healing Protocol is the Evolution of Energy Healing, and can be performed on clients as an on-going therapy.  This is done either in person or distance.

The goal of a ‘No-Touch’ session is to raise your frequency so high that you have an opportunity to connect to your 8th Chakra aspect of Higher Self.  Once the client is removed from the source of this energy their vibrational frequency will gradually return to the individual’s normal, according to the person’s Spiritual evolution and social environment.   The healings may be sustained, but the higher vibrational frequency that is required to SHIFT into the Higher Dimensions will not.

Marconics Recalibration

The Marconics Recalibration allows you to receive the higher vibrational frequencies and move on more quickly into a lighter, more peaceful state of being.  During Recalibration, much of your karma is removed from you, as your body begins to shed its density.  The Marconics energy is used to release this density as it enables you to shift out of stuck patterns of emotion and belief more quickly.

How does a Recalibration affect you?

You feel lighter, you have more energy flowing through your system as it is realigned with aspects of your Higher self.  This Self becomes more integrated into your physical body during the “crowning” step of the Recalibration.

Each of us will experience it differently.  As old patterns are lifted off you feel more in alignment with your Higher self.  It is more peaceful and more powerful, you feel more in harmony with who you are meant to be.

My experience is I don’t have to process so much density anymore.  I feel much freer and more able to trust, to let go of my own ideas and my own resistance.  Former patterns are released and you adjust to the new higher vibrational frequencies. This is a permanent change.  You do not repeat the Recalibration, this is a one-time event. Please call to ask questions, I am very excited to offer this service.

Changing your Beliefs during Mind Transformation clears beliefs from the subconscious.  Emotional blocks are released through dialogue and intuitive release using energy based upon forgiveness.  The trauma or painful memory from a past event is found, addressed and released easily and efficiently.  This work allows for powerful releases of long-standing stuck patterns that keep you trapped in past events and emotions.   Changing Beliefs  can be done over the phone from the comfort of your own home or in my office.  Contact me at 603-486-8770.  Allows for major breakthroughs in consciousness and can be life-altering.  See

Prenatal CranioSacral Therapy is a wonderful gift for the mother-to-be. This therapy reduces swelling, lowers blood pressure and helps with pain like sciatica and lower back strain.  This also is a great way to calm the mind for a wonderful stress reducing experience.


CranioSacral Therapy; Marconics Energy Healing, Mind Transformation

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