New Location In Newburyport, Massachusetts

Just an announcement that I have opened my doors at 45 Pleasant Street, Newburyport, Mass.  I am just across the street from the historical Unitarian Church.

I love being downtown with all the shops and local eateries. It is a short walk to the harbor, and a 10 minute drive out to Plum Island, my favorite place! I take long walks there whenever possible.

I attended the wonderful  health fair at the Unitarian Church today and demonstrated Marconics Energy Healing all day.  People loved it and wanted more.  This is  a new form of energy healing that goes way beyond anything that you have experienced up until now.    I feel privileged to be able to offer Marconics Recalibrations, which shift your energy into a whole new vibratory frequency.   It is life-changing.  See the testimonial from Lisa, on my home page in the sidebar, who had the Recalibration in May and it changed her life.

Another client went out and bought a wonderful property to set up a healing center shortly after her Recalibration.  I am so excited that people are having life-changing experiences from this simple and inexpensive new Energy Work.

Call to schedule your next visit now!  603-486-8770.  I can also do the Marconics ‘No-Touch’ Healing Sessions via distance!  So anyone can receive it no matter where you live.

Let me know if you want further information, I am ready to serve you in your awakening to a higher frequency of light and joy!


Marconics ‘No-Touch’ Energy Healing

After my recent move, I began seeking out more energy work being offered on the East Coast, and was led to this amazing new energy work that’s a game changer for me.  It’s called Marconics “No-touch” Energy Healing.  The good news is, even my Wisconsin clients can receive this via distance, just like my Mind/Body Healing energy work which releases beliefs from the subconscious.

The ‘No-Touch’ Healing Protocol is the Evolution of Energy Healing, and can be performed on clients as an on-going therapy. This is done either in person or distance, fully clothed.   (phone or Skype). Call to schedule: 603-486-8770. I have added it to my menu of services for only $85 as an introductory price.

What is it?  Marconics Energy raises the client’s vibrational frequency by running Marconic Energy – encoded with Light information – through selected points on the body’s own Axiatonal grid, triggering profound spontaneous healing.

Why would I want it?  The goal of a ‘No-Touch’ session is to raise your frequency so high that you have an opportunity to connect to your 8th Chakra aspect of Higher Self.  You get in touch with that “you” that spiritual seekers have been trying to contact and maintain for years by performing many practices.

I will no longer be practicing Reiki as a result.  This goes far beyond the frequencies of Reiki healing.   It assists with your personal spiritual evolution and paves the way for greater understanding of your life’s purpose and to raise your vibrational frequency.

I personally found it very uplifting, all my fear vanished and I was able to access knowledge and information about myself and my life that was previously mysterious to me.  Granted, I have been on the path for 25 years, but this is a short cut, in my opinion, to those states of harmony and joy that we often think eludes us. It changed me.

However, once you are removed from the source of this energy your vibrational frequency will gradually return to your ‘normal’, according to your Spiritual evolution and social environment. The healings may be sustained, but the higher vibrational frequency that is required to SHIFT into the Higher Dimensions will not. Rather like when you go away on retreat and achieve your Zen, but then have to return to your normal daily life with all its demands and pressures.

My experience is that the demands become manageable and I feel able to fulfill them with ease and grace.

Call to find out more to see if its a fit for you, or to schedule:  603-486-8770 or email me at! I so look forward to serving you.

Monica Dubay, LMT

New Location and Mind/Body Transformation

RaindropI am pleased to announce my new offices in Exeter, NH and Newburyport, MA.  Both locations provide a wonderful space to perform bodywork as well as my growing Mind/Body Transformation practice.  Clients are raving about how effective this transformational energy healing is for them.

Here’s the latest review from a wonderful client in Wisconsin.  We worked over the phone to clear the blocked emotional energy:  “Monica’s kind and loving energy created a safe and nurturing space for our work together. Her techniques are elegant but laser sharp, and I had several significant breakthroughs in our very first session of Mind/Body Transformation together”. Robin R., Wisconsin, Sept. 2015

Together, we can target the origin of emotional blocks that keep you from feeling happy and purposeful.  What type of blocks?  Emotional pain, self-esteem issues, frantic nervous systems, blocked heart walls from past trauma, grief, financial blocks, depression and anxiety.  It is an honor to work with clients to identify the cause of long-standing emotional patterns.

Call me at 603-486-8770 to discuss how Mind/Body Transformation can help you.  We will schedule a free 15 minute Discovery session to see how we can best work together.  Or email me at  I look forward to working with you!  Here’s the link to learn more: Mind/Body Healing

Can CranioSacral Therapy Relieve Trapped Emotions?

Monica’s high quality Craniosacral therapy has helped me clear long standing emotional blocks that are detectable in my body. We have had 6 or 8 sessions together and I continue to release blocks resulting in increased joy & openness for me afterwards. The first session was entirely relaxing, like the results of a great massage, but with subtle touch. Monica is skilled in combining treatment of the body and the mind and is empathetic and supportive. I highly recommend her competent, gentle and loving services. Nancy Fitzgerald, June 2015

This testimonial from a recent client has proved to me how powerful CranioSacral Therapy is in releasing trapped emotions.  The more I work with clients, the more convinced I am that this therapy goes far beyond the physical, and allows for greater freedom of mind and body.

I have witnessed so much release of physical pain, that when people started coming to me for emotional blocks, and were having deeper releases of this trapped pain, I began to realize just how connected the emotional body is to the physical body.  Because we are dealing with the spinal fluid in CranioSacral Therapy, this is the central nervous system’s connective “tissue” or fluid.  Deep restrictions caused by trauma, emotional or physical, are released during treatment and long-standing issues of painful experiences are freed up.

Your central nervous system is intelligent and is always seeking to integrate and recover from past pain.  It could be a car accident, or an emotional abuse, or a fall, or any type of occurrence that impacted your central nervous system.  When stressful things happen and are not released, they build up to a disease or chronic pain condition.  Then, you have a serious problem.

Treatment is gentle, effective and very efficient.  Emotional states are calmed down, anxiety reduced and depression lifted.  Call now to schedule your appointment or discuss with me your condition.

Monica Dubay

Release Emotional Blocks in 6 Simple Steps

5 Reasons to Receive Mind/Body Healing

Do you feel you can’t get beyond a stuck place in your life?
Do you feel you repeat patterns emotionally?
Would you like to remove blocks to abundance and freedom of mind?
Are you overly stressed and can’t calm down and feel more grounded?
Do you want to become free of fear and anxiety?

Mind/body Healing sessions can help with any stuck pattern or issue.

Mind/Body Healing sessions are over the phone or Skype.  This allows you to stay in the comfort of your own home and receive the healing you need.

I have been doing Mind/Body Healing for over 25 years.  I use a simple 6 step process to release subconscious beliefs that keep you stuck or bound to the past.  The process can easily be learned and practiced and many people have benefited and found how simple it is.

You probably already know that the mind is powerful and hears everything you tell yourself.  The subconscious patterns keep playing until you decide you’ve had enough.

You can be healed of the past when you want it.

Here’s what my clients are saying: 

“Monica, you saved my marriage and helped me find peace. I had an enemy at work and now after working with you she is a dear friend”, SD

“This process is simple and I feel so different, I know its working because I feel a lot more grounded and at peace. My heart has opened up where it had been blocked for years”. JS

” I feel a great shift already after one 30 minute session!” KD

“Monica is a light and has helped me in my healing in more ways than I can imagine.  If you have not been to see Monica, I HIGHLY suggest that you do”. Joe Menard

“Monica Dubay has greatly changed my life for the better since I started seeing her. I have released enormous amounts of guilt, sadness, worry, fear, anger…because of my sessions with her. I have carried these emotions/symptoms with me since my first memory at age 4. I am now 44, I have been in psychotherapy on and off since I was 15. Monica has been more beneficial to me in the short time I have been seeing her than all the years I have spent in therapy. Monica is reliable, professional, and makes me feel very welcome at all of our sessions. I look forward to seeing her every time and always leave feeling like I have conquered yet another problem. Monica has also introduced me to A Course in Miracles. This has also changed my life. I truly feel like a better person emotionally and spiritually because of these lessons. I can’t say enough good things about her personally and professionally. I have recommended her to others and will continue to do so. I thank God for putting Monica in my life.” Deanne Rohde

How it works:

We look at the pattern, release the event that caused it, and the beliefs you came to as a result.  These beliefs can be undone in a moment of healing if you decide you want to let them go.

After the healing session, you will be released from the painful events of your past and then you will discover a new way to live without that emotional pattern.

Guaranteed:  You will feel lighter, more at ease and released of the past event.  You will know that something changed because your relationship with yourself and others change as well.

To find out more you can email me at

How to schedule:

Sessions are $65 for 30 minutes, $95 for 60 minutes.  You can pay by credit card or Paypal below.  Give me your phone or Skype contact information.  To set it up:  You can also call me at 603-486-8770.  Or email me at: I am looking forward to assisting you!



Here’s to being free from pain in all its forms, physical, emotional and mental!


Now located in New Hampshire’s Seacoast

I am delighted to be offering my services at the Arsenault Family Chiropractic. 29 Lafayette Rd., in North Hampton, NH! My practice includes therapeutic massage, CranioSacral Therapy, Somato Emotional Release, Reiki and Mind/Body Healing. I am thrilled to be located in the Seacoast area. I am only 10 minutes from Newburyport, MA and 15 minutes to Portsmouth and Kittery, Maine.

My focus is still on healing chronic pain, muscle tension, lymphatic disorders, and I treat children with sensory processing disorder, anxiety, ADD and ADHD. My CranioSacral training includes Somato Emotional Release which heals trauma and emotional blocks that cause discomfort physically and emotionally.

Please call for an appointment: 603-486-8770 or to discuss your or your child’s condition.

Thank you,
Monica Dubay, LMT

New Office

I am delighted to be offering my services at the Arsenault Family Chiropractic. 29 Lafayette Rd., in North Hampton, NH! My practice includes therapeutic massage, CranioSacral Therapy, Somato Emotional Release, Reiki and Mind/Body Healing. I am thrilled to be located in the Seacoast area. I am only 20 minutes from Newburyport, MA and 15 minutes to Portsmouth and Kittery, Maine.

My focus is still healing chronic pain, tension, sensory processing disorder, anxiety, ADD, lymphatic drainage, and many more conditions. I have also begun to include Somato Emotional Release which heals trauma and emotional blocks.

I look forward to seeing you there. To make an appointment, please call me directly at 603-486-8770.

Thank you,

CranioSacral Therapy; Marconics Energy Healing, Mind Transformation