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Marconics ‘No-Touch’ Energy Healing

After my recent move, I began seeking out more energy work being offered on the East Coast, and was led to this amazing new energy work that’s a game changer for me.  It’s called Marconics “No-touch” Energy Healing.  The good news is, even my Wisconsin clients can receive this via distance, just like my Mind/Body Healing energy work which releases beliefs from the subconscious.

The ‘No-Touch’ Healing Protocol is the Evolution of Energy Healing, and can be performed on clients as an on-going therapy. This is done either in person or distance, fully clothed.   (phone or Skype). Call to schedule: 603-486-8770. I have added it to my menu of services for only $85 as an introductory price.

What is it?  Marconics Energy raises the client’s vibrational frequency by running Marconic Energy – encoded with Light information – through selected points on the body’s own Axiatonal grid, triggering profound spontaneous healing.

Why would I want it?  The goal of a ‘No-Touch’ session is to raise your frequency so high that you have an opportunity to connect to your 8th Chakra aspect of Higher Self.  You get in touch with that “you” that spiritual seekers have been trying to contact and maintain for years by performing many practices.

I will no longer be practicing Reiki as a result.  This goes far beyond the frequencies of Reiki healing.   It assists with your personal spiritual evolution and paves the way for greater understanding of your life’s purpose and to raise your vibrational frequency.

I personally found it very uplifting, all my fear vanished and I was able to access knowledge and information about myself and my life that was previously mysterious to me.  Granted, I have been on the path for 25 years, but this is a short cut, in my opinion, to those states of harmony and joy that we often think eludes us. It changed me.

However, once you are removed from the source of this energy your vibrational frequency will gradually return to your ‘normal’, according to your Spiritual evolution and social environment. The healings may be sustained, but the higher vibrational frequency that is required to SHIFT into the Higher Dimensions will not. Rather like when you go away on retreat and achieve your Zen, but then have to return to your normal daily life with all its demands and pressures.

My experience is that the demands become manageable and I feel able to fulfill them with ease and grace.

Call to find out more to see if its a fit for you, or to schedule:  603-486-8770 or email me at touchofyourlife@gmail.com! I so look forward to serving you.

Monica Dubay, LMT