Testimonials from recent clients:

Lisa, who is an amazing photographer received the Marconics Recalibration about a month ago.  She is publishing a gorgeous book about healing from addictions to benefit a treatment house.  She is an amazing light.  Here were her remarks:  In a couple days I felt a release of caring what people think about me, I found myself worrying less in general. The healing of that need to be a people pleaser is amazing. I feel a quiet confidence.  In the past I didn’t like to share my opinion, now, I feel more comfortable speaking my truth, even my laugh is lighter.  I have inner peace and more joy than I have in years.  A lot of people say they are healers, but what makes you different is that it’s so unique.  Everyone I know should come to you. June, 2016

I needed to sleep so much before I had the appointment and now I am getting up naturally at 7 every morning. I have 1000 times more energy.                            High school student,    Sequoia J.  March , 2016

Monica’s high quality Craniosacral therapy has helped me clear long standing emotional blocks that are detectable in my body. We have had 6 or 8 sessions together and I continue to release blocks resulting in increased joy & openness for me afterwards.  The first session was entirely relaxing, like the results of a great massage, but with subtle touch. Monica is skilled in combining treatment of the body and the mind and is empathetic and supportive. I highly recommend her competent, gentle and loving services.                        Nancy Fitzgerald, June 2015

Monica Dubay has greatly changed my life for the better since I started seeing her on March 14, 2012. I have released enormous amounts of guilt, sadness, worry, fear, anger…because of my CranioSacral sessions with her. I have carried these emotions/symptoms with me since my first memory at age 4. I am now 44, I have been in psychotherapy on and off since I was 15. Monica has been more beneficial to me in the short time I have been seeing her than all the years I have spent in therapy. Monica is reliable, professional, and makes me feel very welcome at all of our sessions. I look forward to seeing her every time and always leave feeling like I have conquered yet another problem. Monica has also introduced me to A Course in Miracles. This has also changed my life. I truly feel like a better person emotionally and spiritually because of these lessons. I can’t say enough good things about her personally and professionally. I have recommended her to others and will continue to do so. I thank God for putting Monica in my life.   Deanne C. Rohde
I  suffered from sciatica pain for years and had  minimal relief from traditional massage and physical therapy.  After two sessions with Monica in which she incorporated massage and cranial sacral therapy I feel like a new person.  I am now largely pain free and have the confidence that the pain can be controlled and eventually eliminated.  Thank you Monica.  You have given me hope.     Maureen 8-16-14
“Before I was led to Monica at Touch of Your Life Massage Therapy, I was “done” with Western Medicine. Nothing gave me relief from the church bells ringing in my ears to the pain and swelling of my legs after “recovering” from a massive blood clot. I couldn’t swallow another pill for the life of me. I have been seeing Monica on a regular basis for about two months, and my life has drastically changed (all for the better). The ringing in my ears has been gone a long time. I am no longer limping and walking in pain. I can think, I can actually focus. Thank you Monica, for giving me part of my life back”.   —Joe Menard, Reedsburg, WI 2/2014

I suffered serious hip and groin injuries in a motorcycle accident several years ago.  The accident left me with frequent urination problems and ongoing groin pain.  Monica’s healing touch, which combined traditional massage therapy and cranial sacral therapy has totally eliminated my groin pain and greatly reduced the frequency of my nighttime visits to the bathroom.  What a blessing to be pain free and return to restful sleep.  Thank you Monica.     Brian  8-16-14

I was involved in a car accident last December and was rear-ended by a truck on the interstate.  My doctor prescribed muscle relaxers for my neck as I had quite a bit of neck and upper back strain.  I was also seen by a chiropractor and several massage therapists in the weeks following the accident, but still had lingering pain and stiffness.  A close friend referred me to Monica.  After six sessions with Monica, I felt a significant reduction in my pain.  Through her skillful massage and craniosacral therapy, the tightness that my body was holding onto finally released!  Feeling no pain after nearly five months of discomfort was such a relief.  I can’t say enough about Monica and her amazing massage techniques.  I continue seeing her for massage as a preventative measure and I’ve never felt better!  K.S.  6/1/13

“I was on medication or headaches for three years.  After several massages and craniosacral therapy with you, I am off the medication”.  L.R. 3/13

“My posture has changed and my chronic neck pain is gone after several massages with Monica…I am so happy”.  E.M.  4/11

“My daugher’s TMJ syndrome is no longer a problem after several craniosacral treatments”. H.L. 6/12

“The chronic upper back and neck pain is so much better, thanks to the wonderful craniosacral therapy and massages.” O. H.  5/12


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