Releasing Your Money Blocks

This workshop is given monthly via Teleseminar.

Do you feel frustrated that you can’t seem to change your money situation?  Are your scarcity ideas controlling your life?

Deeply held patterns of lack and poor self-esteem reside in the subconscious mind.  Affirmations don’t touch them.  They are part of your mind until you learn a powerful method of release.

In this transformative workshop you will learn to:

  • Quickly release emotional blocks
  • Have a major breakthrough with your deepest money frustration
  • Find out why even one belief can stop you from being happy and fulfilled.

Why choose Monica Dubay?

Founder of Heal Your Mind Heal Your Life, Monica Dubay has 25 years of Mind/Body energy healing experience. She is an effective, gentle catalyst for swift change. She can help identify your blocks and assist you in their release.

Using spiritual teachings based on forgiveness and  energy healing to affect this change, Monica is committed to your transformation. Come to free yourself from the past and experience your True Self.

Register here:

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Heal Your Mind Heal Your     

Please call me if you have any questions. 603-486-8770.

Thank you!


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